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October 10, 2020

Recently, John Potter asked to let him have a list of the singers I’ve worked with over the years, a list that became bigger and bigger as I looked back….

September 29, 2020
Full orchestra version of Jesus’ Blood

Almost 50 years after its composition, and after many different versions of the piece, my publisher Schott has put together material for a fixed 30 minute orchestral version of Jesus’…


Madrigals – Petrarch settings

After writing what became my First Book of Madrigals for the Hilliard Ensemble, setting texts by Blake Morrison, starting in 1998, I turned to Petrarch for my second book. Coincidentally…

September 15, 2020
Working in the lockdown – continued

In June I wrote a journal entry about life here in the current situation, and I talked about music that I’d been writing and music that I planned to write….


Upcoming Events

November 5, 2020
St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, London WC2N 4JJ

JUST ANNOUNCED! A Song for Us. A celebration of lives and communities through music

First composers announced!
@thisisthekit & Bucky

#ASongforUs #LetsCreate @ace_national @RVW_Trust 1/2

Tomorrow evening at 7pm! Be sure to catch @DutchNatBallet’s performance of REQUIEM with music by @Gavin_Bryars & choreography by @doublediamond1.
You can enjoy the stream from Sun 15 November - Sat 12 December.
Reserve your ticket & watch here:

Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Only a few days left to go until you can watch the REQUIEM online - with original music composed by legendary @Gavin_Bryars & the amazing dancers of @DutchNatBallet - streaming will be available from 15.11.2020

Click this link to reserve your ticket →

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Tickets now available to the online viewing of Requiem, a ballet written for the Dutch National Ballet with David Dawson last year. Learning to enjoy and share culture even in these distanced times... Link for access in the bio and more detailed information about the work can be found under ‘Compositions’ at 🍸 ...

Something positive to come out of a very strange year... Gavin Bryars’ Biography by Jean-Louis Tallon available for all you French speakers from 2nd December! #gavinbryars #jeanlouistallon #enparolsenmusique ...

7 PORTRAITS OF SOLITUDE - a specially curated online collection of short dance film works.
Together, 7 dancers - 7 composers - unite to create 7 worlds and offer you a message of hope,
remembering that we are all connected, even when we feel so alone. In these uncertain times
we find ourselves in our art, in our humanity, with our emotional life becoming more defined
and more realised - as the new truths that we learn become our future history. All of the
incredible people involved in this project have generously given their time and talent for free,
and we all hope that you will enjoy these portraits as much as we did making them.
Watch @semperoperballett dancer Courtney Richardson perform Portrait #5 to music
composed by Gavin Bryars, cinematography and editing by Thomas Bieszka, and costumes
by YUMIKO Dancewear - all specially donated to the 7 PORTRAITS OF SOLITUDE project. FULL LINK in bio! These films aim to create awareness to help support our fellow artists during these
challenging times. Our stage industries risk losing a generation of talent if they are not offered
the support they need. Please check out the links below and make your donation, give as
much as you can, and share this message with your friends and family - let’s help to make the
Links in bio for: Fund Freelance Dance @fundfreelancedance / Fonds Darstellenden Künste /
Better Place / Freelancers Make Theatre Work @freelancersmaketheatrework
To watch all 7 portraits and links to fundraising organizations please go to →
Thank you to everyone on the 7 PORTRAITS OF SOLITUDE project team -
@alexbaranowskimusic @tomfrommichigan @szybrzu @gavinbryars @racmxxx
@doublediamond1 @jo.fuerst @aidan22aidan @beglad247 @petergregson #GregHaines
@timhumpe @sangdiii @alimariani @alejandromazorin @posthings @cupidcourt
@maxrichtermusic @robinrimbaud @gjsmeenk @yumikotakeshima @houdidit_ @jonvallejo
@fabienvoranger @oliverlook
Special thanks to the Garnisonkirche St. Martin Dresden for their kind help on location.
#sevenportraitsofsolitude #fundfreelanceartists #dancingforothers #dancewithus

Screenshot (visuals by @laura.c.guerra) from today’s sonic bite from @cryptic_glasgow: The Other Side Of The River performed by @thirdcoastpercussion. The perfect lunchtime treat! Link in bio - available for 24h. Go to for your own physical ‘sonic bite’. ✨ #gavinbryars #thirdcoastpercussion #sonicbites #crypticglasgow #lunchtimemusic ...

A draft mock-up of a potential cover for the book coming out in December by the brilliant Jean-Louis Tallon. Very exciting! ...

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Playlist: Mix - Gavin Bryars
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September 18, 2020
Portrait 5 from 7 Portraits of Solitude by David Dawson

Portrait #5 – Courtney Richardson and Gavin Bryars David Dawson writes: 7 PORTRAITS OF SOLITUDE – a specially curated online collection of short dance film works. Together, 7 dancers…

November 7, 2019
Ikon Gallery

Morgan Goff, viola; Gavin Bryars, piano (electric keyboard) Morgan Goff and Gavin Bryars gave a concert at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham in November 2019 within the context of an exhibition…

December 7, 2018
Handel Street Projects

On December 7 2018 I gave a concert with my ensemble in Fedja Klikovac’s Islington gallery, one of the smallest venues in which I have performed (the smallest was St…


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