Canberra International Music Festival


May 12, 2013


Canberra, Australia

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Canberra International Music Festival 2013

The Canberra International Music Festival will feature Gavin Bryars’ work at the 2013 festival in May. There will be various seminars and workshops, and the programme is being finalised, but the plans for formal concerts are as follows:

8:15pm Fri May 17 Concert 21


Gavin Bryars Selections from his Second Book Of Madrigals for 6 Voices 16-20 mins *Australian premieres

(to be chosen from the following)

4. Poi Che Voi Et Io Piu Volte Abbiam Provato 4 mins

6. Ponmi Ove ‘1 Scampar Mi Possa Omai 4 mins

8. L’vidi In Terra Angelici Costumi 4 mins

10. Una Candida Cerva Sopra L’erba 2 mins

11.Che Fai? Che Pensi? / Datemi Pace 4 mins

15. Marconi’s Madrigal: Se 1 Sasso Ond’ E Piu Chiusa Questa Valle for voices and percussion 6 mins

1pm Sat May 18 Concert 22

JESUS BLOOD – Gavin Bryars Portrait Concert

Gavin Bryars Laudas 15 – 20 mins *Australian premieres (to be chosen from the following)

Stomme allegro (Lauda 13) for soprano, tenor, viola, double bass 4.5 mins

Omne homo (Lauda 19) for soprano, tenor and double bass 2.5  mins

Ciascun ke fede sente (Lauda 37) for soprano, tenor, solo trumpet, viola, cello, bass, e guitar 9 mins

L’alto prençe archangelo (Lauda 35) for tenor, electric guitar, 2 violas, cello and bass 5 mins

Amor Dolçe Sença Pare (Lauda 28) for voices, viola, cello and bass 6 mins

Anna Fraser soprano Richard Black (or Tobias Cole counter tenor) 2 violas, cello, electric guitar and trumpet

Gavin Bryars One last Bar and Joe Can Sing 11 mins

Synergy and DRUMatiX

Percy Grainger Blithe Bells 4 mins

Synergy and DRUMatiX, Timothy Young and Tamara Anna Cislowska pianos

Gavin Bryars Adnan Songbook *Australian premiere of this version 27 mins

2 violas, cello, bass, el. guitar, clarinet/bass clar, Susannah Lawergren soprano Roland Peelman cond

Gavin Bryars Jesus Blood 20 mins for mixed ensemble

Canberra Camerata directed by Gavin Bryars

Albert Hall


8.15pm Sat May 18 Concert 24


Gavin Bryars The Porazzi Fragment for 21 solo strings (conducted by Gavin Bryars) *Australian premiere 





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