Ensemble concert


January 12, 2014


Signalraum, Einsteinstrasse 42, Munich, 12.00 midday

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Lunchtime concert

During the period of the performances of BIPED in Munich in January, the four musicians involved will give a one-hour lunchtime concert on Sunday January 12 at midday


Lauda Dolçe I (2008) solo cello, electric guitar, double bass 5′

Ramble on Cortona (2010) solo piano 10′

Lauda Dolçe II (2008) solo cello (or viola), electric guitar, double bass 5′

The Flower of Friendship (2009) – electric guitar, viola, cello, double bass 10′

Lauda (con sordino) 2009 solo cello, electric guitar, piano 12′

Lauda Dolçe III (2008) solo cello, electric guitar, double bass 5′

Dancing with Pannonica (2011) solo piano 4′

It Never Rains (2010) – electric guitar, viola, cello, bass 6′

Epilogue from Wonderlawn (1994) – solo viola, cello, guitar, double bass 6′


Bill Hawkes, viola; James Woodrow, electric guitar; Audrey Riley, cello; Gavin Bryars, double bass/piano



Gavin Bryars