Gavin Bryars Ensemble


February 12, 2015


Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, 1 Place Hans Jean Arp, Strasbourg.

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Strasbourg February 12 2015

A programme featuring the complete Beckett Songbook as well as a number of laude.

Lauda Dolçe I (2008) solo cello, electric guitar, double bass, percussion 6′

Lauda 29 “O divina virgo, flore” soprano and ensemble

Lauda 4 “Oi me lasso” (2002) soprano, counter tenor and ensemble

Lauda 13 “Stomme Allegro” soprano, counter tenor and ensemble

Lauda Dolçe II (2008) solo viola, electric guitar, double bass

Lauda 28 “Amor dolce senza pare” (2006) soprano, counter tenor and ensemble

The Flower of Friendship (2011) – viola, cello, electric guitar, bass, percussion


It Never Rains (2010) – electric guitar, viola, cello, bass

The Beckett Songbook (2012-14) – soprano, counter tenor, viola, guitar, cello, bass

Singers: Orlanda Bryars, soprano; James Cave counter tenor;

Instrumentalists: James Woodrow, electric guitar; Morgan Goff, viola; Nick Cooper, cello; Gavin Bryars, double bass



Happy Days 2

Gavin Bryars