Gavin Bryars Ensemble


May 5, 2017


Junction, Paradise Place, Goole DN14 5DL

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Gavin Bryars in Goole

Gavin Bryars performs with his ensemble for the first time in his home town Goole, following the success of his railway collaboration with Blake Morrison The Stopping Train, which took place on the Goole to Hull railway journey…

Junction, Goole May 5 2017

Lauda Dolçe I (2008) solo cello, electric guitar, double bass 6′

Lauda 13 “Stomme Allegro” (2003) soprano, tenor, ensemble 4′

Lauda 19 “Omne Homo” (2003) soprano, tenor, electric guitar, bass 3′

Lauda 42 “Salutiam devotamente” (2012) soprano, tenor, ensemble 6′

Lauda 46 “Peccatrice nominata” (2017) new work soprano, tenor, ensemble 6′

The Flower of Friendship (2009) electric guitar, viola, cello, double bass 13′

Lauda 28 “Amor dolce senza pare” (2006) soprano, tenor, ensemble 6′




Dancing with Pannonica (2013) electric guitar, viola, cello, bass 4′

The Morrison Songbook (2010) soprano, tenor, viola, cello, bass, guitar c. 18”

Jesus’ Blood Never failed Me Yet (1971) c.25′


(+ Epilogue from Wonderlawn 5′)

Peyee Chen, Soprano; Chris O’Gorman, Tenor; Morgan Goff viola; James Woodrow, electric and acoustic guitars; Nick Cooper, cello; Gavin Bryars, double bass





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Gavin Bryars