Gavin Bryars Ensemble


April 28, 2019


Torino Jazz Festival, Italy

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Torino Jazz Festival

A concert of jazz-related works by the Gavin Bryars Ensemble including After the Requiem (solo guitar, James Woodrow) and By the Vaar, written for Charlie Haden and performed here in a special new arrangement for the ensemble (Gavin, solo bass). Dancing with Pannonica (solo piano, Alexandra-Maria Tchernakova) is a homage to Thelonious Monk

Dancing with Pannonica

After the Requiem

Ramble on Cortona

By The Vaar

Jesus’ Blood

Performers: Nick Barr, Katie Wilkinson, violas; Nick Cooper, cello; James Woodrow, electric guitar; Alexandra-Maria Tchernakova, piano; Gavin Bryars, bass

(Photograph: James Woodrow and Gavin Bryars at TestBed, London)



GB and James @Testbed 1 (2)

Gavin Bryars