Gavin Bryars Ensemble performance, Oullins, France


May 5, 2015


Theatre de la Renaissance, Oullins, near Lyon, France

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Theatre de la Renaissance, Oullins

Gavin’s old friend Gérard Lecointe, director of Percussions Claviers de Lyon (PCL – see GB Records BCGBCD17 “New York”) is also director of the Theatre de la Renaissance at Oullins, outside Lyon. Gavin is planning a chamber opera with PCL and this is an occasion for the ensemble to work in the same space, in advance of the opera. Gérard, who has played with the ensemble on a number of occasions, also joins the group and the programme includes a new Lauda, for the first time with percussion.

Lauda Dolçe I (2008) solo cello, electric guitar, double bass, percussion

It Never Rains (2010) – electric guitar, viola, cello, bass

Lauda 29 O divina virgo flore (2006) – soprano, counter tenor, cello, electric guitar, double bass

Lauda 4 Oi me lasso (2003) – soprano, viola, cello, electric guitar, double bass

New work (Lauda 43) soprano, counter tenor, viola, cello, electric guitar, double bass, percussion

Lauda (con sordino) (2006) – solo viola, electric guitar, piano

The Flower of Friendship (2011) – viola, cello, electric guitar, bass, percussion

The Beckett Songbook – complete (2012-14)  – soprano, counter tenor, viola, guitar, cello, bass

Performers: Orlanda Bryars, soprano; James Cave counter tenor; James Woodrow, electric guitar; Morgan Goff, viola; Nick Cooper, cello; Gavin Bryars, double bass/piano; Gérard Lecointe, percussion



Gavin Bryars