Gavin Bryars Family Ensemble


February 27, 2019


Cafe Oto, London

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Cafe Oto

I (February 27 2019) 

It Never Rains 6′

Dancing with Pannonica 4′ 

Added Time 6′ 

The South Downs14′

The Flower of Friendship 12′

– Interval –

Catalogue(1965) 10′

The Squirrel and the Ricketty Racketty Bridge(1971) c.10′

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet12′

Epilogue from Wonderlawn (solo viola – Katie; cellos, guitar, bass) 7′

Katie Wilkinson, viola; James Woodrow, electric guitars; Nick Cooper, cello; Gavin Bryars, double bass, piano, guitars (+Ziella, Orlanda cellos Jesus’ Bloodand Wonderlawn)

II (February 28 2019)

Sub Rosa 6′ 

(Waits arr. Bryars) The Briar and the Rose 6′ (GB solo bass; Orlanda – voice)

After the Requiem 12′ (solo guitar – James)

Ramble on Cortona 12′ (solo piano – Mashka)

By The Vaar 20′ (solo bass – GB)

– Interval –

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet– full ensemble 25′

Epilogue from Wonderlawn (solo viola – Katie) 7′

 Nick Barr, Katie Wilkinson violas; James Woodrow, electric guitar; Nick Cooper, cello; Ziella Bryars, cello; Orlanda Bryars, voice/cello; Yuri Bryars, bass; Gavin Bryars, bass; Alexandra-Maria Tchernakova, piano



Ensemble from front
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Gavin Bryars