Goldmark Gallery Concert


June 14, 2012


7.20 PM, Goldmark Gallery, 14 Orange Street, Uppingham, Rutland

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Goldmark Gallery Concert

A performance by the small acoustic verison of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble (electric guitar, viola, cello, bass) with tenor John Potter at the small but elegant Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham. The gallery has presented a wide range of music for some time, both classical and folk, in an intimate environment that, with a capacity of around 60, gives an unusual directness to the performance – with the audience a few feet away, there is no place to hide…

It is hoped that this initial concert will be the first of many. I certainly see it as an opportunity to present vocal and chamber works (a maximum of 6 musicians, often fewer, and without piano) and even to try out new works away from the pressure of a commercial environment, and in a visual art context which has always been important to me. My conversations with Mike Goldmark have shown me that we have much in common.


Laude Dolçe no. 1  (2007) solo cello, electric guitar, double bass

Lauda 4 “Oi me lasso” (2002) tenor, ensemble

Lauda 32 “Omne homo” (2005) tenor, ensemble

Lauda 39 “Magdalena degna da laudare” (2009) tenor, ensemble

Lauda Dolçe no. 2 (2007) solo viola, electric guitar and double bass

Solos from Irish Madrigals (2004-2007) Petrarch, trans JM Synge; tenor, ensemble

“He wishes he might die and follow Laura”

“The sight of Laura’s house reminds him of the great happiness he has lost”

“He sends his rhymes to the tomb of Laura to pray her to call him to her”

–  interval –

It Never Rains (2010) – electric guitar, viola, cello, bass

from the Morrison Songbook (2010)- Blake Morrison; tenor, ensemble


“Almond Tree”

“In April”

“Just As The Ash-Glow”

The Flower of Friendship (2009) electric guitar, viola, cello and bass

(possibly + Epilogue from Wonderlawn)

John Potter (tenor); Morgan Goff (viola), Nick Cooper (cello); James Woodrow (electric guitar); Gavin Bryars (double bass)





GB (bass) Ensemble Concert Mexico

Gavin Bryars