Goole-Hull stopping train


June 16, 2016


Goole to Hull train (and return)

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Goole-Hull Sonic Journey

The Yorkshire Festival has commissioned Gavin Bryars and Blake Morrison to create an audio work that will be listened to on the train journey from Goole (Bryars’ birthplace and home town) to Hull. The audio will be available as a download and can be replayed on personal audio devices on the journey. The piece follows precisely the sequence of stations between Goole and Hull and is designed specifically for this journey. Simply download the exclusive free track from to your personal device, board the train at Bryars’ birthplace Goole and embark on a uniquely personal artistic journey through the Yorkshire countryside. The piece is designed for the stopping train rather than the “express” though it can be played on the fast train too. There is also a version for the return journey. Blake Morrison’s poetry refers to the personal history of Bryars in the area as well as to topographical and historical material. Blake Morrison reads his own poems, and the music is recorded by members of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble (Gavin Bryars, bass; James Woodrow, guitar; Morgan Goff, viola; Nick Cooper, cello) by sound designer Mic Pool, with whom Gavin worked on the Overworlds and Underworlds project in Leeds.


Railway bridge-other side of river
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Gavin Bryars