I Tatti Madrigals


April 21, 2016


Villa I Tatti, Via di Vincigliata 22, 50135 Florence, Italy

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I Tatti Madrigals

This concert brings together a number of madrigals commissioned by Villa I Tatti, the Harvard University Centre for Renaissance Italian Studies. The first was an eight-part madrigal in 2004 which set a Petrarch sestina. This was followed in 2009 and 2011 by groups of 6-part madrigals setting Petrarch, Bronzino and Laura Battiferri, all for the German vocal ensemble Singer Pur. Subsequently 3 more madrigals were added and this entire set of has become the Fifth Book of Madrigals. This has been recorded for release on GB Records.

The programme includes other works related to the I Tatti set. Each text will be read by an actor, Antonio Fazzini, and the whole programme is introduced by Gavin Bryars (who also plays double bass in two pieces). Two guest singers are added to Singer Pur’s ensemble in order to perform the original eight-part work, and they also join Singer Pur’s soprano to perform a madrigal, settiong Petrarch, for three female voices.

The new CD and the edition of the madrigals by Schott will be available at the concert.


Villa I Tatti concert programme


Willaert: Cantai hor piango (Petrarca 229) 3:30

Bryars: Cantai, or piango (Petrarca 229) 3:30 (2009)

Bryars: Mentre sepolto (Bronzino) 3:35 (2013)

Bryars: Se fermo e nel destin (Battiferri) 2:50 (2013)


Bryars: Ergiti infin (Laura Battiferri) 3:10 (2011)

Bryars: Temprato aer sereno (Laura Battiferri) 2:45 (2011)

III (with double bass, Bryars)

Bryars: Book Three no. 10 “What a grudge I am bearing”(Petrarca trans JM Synge) 3:20 (soprano tenor, bass, double bass) (2004)

Bryars: Lauda 19 “Omne homo” (Anon) (two tenors plus double bass) 3:00 (2003)


Bryars (from Two Love Songs): “Io amai sempre” (Petrarca 85) (Claudia, Elena, Alessandra) 4:00

Bryars: Chi punto ha ‘l core (Michelangelo Buonarroti il Giovane) 3:00 (2013)


Bryars: A qualunque animale (Book Four number 1) 11:00 (2004)

Performers: Singer Pur,

with Gavin Bryars (double bass) part III

with Alessandra Fiori (mezzo) and Elena Bassi (mezzo soprano) “Io amai sempre” and “A qualunque animale”



SP in concert 1 GA166523a
GB and SP in garden 1 GA166478a copy
encore fatale

Gavin Bryars