Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet


March 6, 2020


Cultuurcentrum Ter Dilft, Belgium
Jesus’ Blood. Belgium

In June 2018 I performed Jesus’ Blood at Eamonn Quinn’s Book of Hours Festival in Dundalk, Ireland. The performers included a group of 30 young Irish schoolgirls as well as musicians who were performing elsewhere in the festival. Among these was the Goeyvaerts Trio, whose cellist Pieter Stas invited me to direct a performance with him and his students in Belgium.

Jesus’ Blood is the second  part of the programme.  In the first half 18 dance students will dance new choreography by Magali Casters, Emma Seresia  and the dancers using music written for Edouard Lock’s dance  “New Work” which reworks music by Purcell and Gluck. The dance is called Dido as most of the pieces relate to Purcell with just two from Gluck’s Orfeo.


I Overture (possibly)

II Banish Sorrow

III Ah, Belinda

IV Cupid only

V To the hills

VI The Triumphing dance

VII Prelude for the witches

VIII In our deep vaulted cell

IX Thanks to the lonesome vales 

XI Haste haste

XII Dido’s lament

XIII With drooping wings 


XVII Ah, si intorno

XIX Dance of the Furies


Performers: Aida Vande Perre (saxophone), Kris Matthynssens (viola), Pieter Stas (cello) and Erwin De Bock (piano)


Gavin Bryars