Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet – St Martin in the Fields


November 5, 2020


St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London

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Two years ago we performed Jesus’ Blood at the annual memorial service for those who had died homeless during the previous year. We will perform again this year on November 5th at 11am. As before the service is organised by Reverend Richard Carter. This time, however, because of covid restrictions we will have to do it in a different way. Richard had thought to perform in the courtyard, with the musicians under cover, but because of new rules this will not be possible. So he is thinking of a two-hour performance of the piece, with the names of those who have died read out over the music, or inserted in short interludes within it. The musicians are all members of my ensemble who have played Jesus’ Blood many times over the years, but everyone who played in the service two years ago remembers it as a very special and profoundly moving experience.

Richard has written a book about his work – The City is my Monastery – which was published last year by Canterbury Press and there is an account of our 2018 performance in the book.

Gavin Bryars