Jimmy Smith in Paradise


October 7, 2016


Eglise Notre Dame de la Dalbade à Toulouse 20:30

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Jimmy Smith in Paradise

The organ is essentially an orchestra – with its registers of woodwind, brass and strings – but, unlike the orchestra, all under the hands and feet of one performer. Of course, the only orchestral section missing is that of percussion and the unique combination of church organ and percussion that comprises the extraordinary duo Organsticks (Yves Rechsteiner and Henri-Charles Caget) corrects this historical omission. This new piece involves reference to a world where such an imbalance did not exist, that of jazz where the organ – above all the Hammnd organ – emerged in the 1960s as an authentic instrument within a jazz ensemble. Jimmy Smith in Paradise pays homage to one of its legendary and greatest players. 




Gavin Bryars