John Cage – Composing Controversy


September 1, 2012


BBC Radio 4

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John Cage Radio Programme

Gavin has recorded an hour-long documentary on the work of John Cage as part of the Cage centenary with the independent production company Somethin’ Else for BBC Radio 4, working closely with producer Phil Smith. The programme includes important interviews that Gavin conducted with many key people some, like Merce Cunningham principal dancer and dance partner Carolyn Brown and composer Christian Wolff, providing direct information that has not been heard before (Carolyn was at the first performance of 4’33” at Woodstock in 1952 for example).

Gavin and Carolyn, pictured below, after the last performance of Biped at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) December 2011

GB and Carolyn Browne BAM-2

Gavin Bryars