Nothing like the Sun


October 25, 2017


Howard Assembly Room, Opera North, 46 New Briggate, Leeds

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Nothing like the Sun

Commissioned by Opera North and the Royal Shakepeare Company (RSC) in 2006, this is a rare chance to hear a performance of Gavin’s Shakespeare sonnet settings in the UK. It precedes a performance in Prague two days later by the same performers where it will be performed as part of the prestigious Prague Strings of Autumn Festival. The settings will be performed by the Gavin Bryars Ensemble featuring soprano Sarah Dacey, tenor John Potter, and Gavin Friday as the speaker. Gavin Friday will also perform his own setting of Sonnet 40, which formed part of the original programme.

Full programme:

It Never Rains (viola, cello electric guiitar, double bass)

The North Shore (solo viola plus ensemble)

Gavin Friday: Sonnet 40 (Gavin Friday, plus ensemble)

The Flower of Friendship (viola, cello electric guiitar, double bass)


Nothing like the Son (Eight sonnet settings)

Performers: Sarah Dacey, soprano; John Potter, tenor; Gavin Friday, speaker;

Morgan Goff viola; Kate Wilkinson, viola; Nick Cooper, cello; Gavin Bryars, double bass

Roger Heaton, clarinet and bass clarinet; James Woodrow, electric and acoustic guitars;

Alexandra-Maria Tchernakova, piano; Chris Bradley, percussion (including cimbalom)

Gavin Friday 1 copy
Gavin F and Gavin B copy
Nothing like the Sun band and singers

Gavin Bryars