Piano Concerto (The Solway Canal)


March 18, 2016


Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn

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Tallinn Concert

This will be only the second performance of the Piano Concerto (The Solway Canal) since the premiere in Amsterdam in February 2010 by Ralph van Raat, for whom it was written, (and subsequently recorded on Naxos). As there is a substantial part for Men’s Chorus I’m delighted that it allows me to work once again with the extraordinary Estonian National Men’s Choir (RAM). I have done a number of performances with them, and they recorded my double bass concerto (which has a chorus of low bass voices) as well as a group of my settings of Edwin Morgan’s sonnets. I also did a special version of Cadman Requiem for the choir.

The programme consists of Helena Tulve “Thaw” for orchestra; a new work by Giovanni Bonato for orchestra, male choir and soloist and Piano Concerto (The Solway Canal) conducted by Mikk Üleoja, soloist Mihkel Poll . 


Tallinn 2007 (with Yuri and Mashka)

family Tallinn (on hill)

Gavin Bryars