Raga Dawn (with Caroline Bergvall)


September 18, 2016


Estuary Festival Southend on Sea

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Raga Dawn

Raga Dawn is a sonic artwork by Caroline Bergvall for site-specific soundscapes featuring two live voices – one spoken (Caroline Bergvall) and one sung (Peyee Chen) – with electronic projection and sound design (live programming Ben Corrigan, Site-specific sound engineer Sam Grant). Gavin Bryars has written the sung vocal music and at the centre of the work is an extended solo voice Canso. The texts look at several different linguistic territories of Europe and the UK, especially languages that are endangered or at risk. The performance begins during the final moments of night, continuing through dawn, and is completed with the rising of the sun. It draws on ancient and conemporary musical and literary sunrise traditions, such as troubadour love poetry. It premieres in September in Geneva (10 and 11) and Southend-on-Sea (18) and embarks on an international sequence of performances in 2017.

The performance takes pla ce from )6:30 onwards at the Tilbury Cruise Terminal, Ferry Road, Tilbury, Tilbury, Thurrock, RM18 7NG


rehearsal pictures



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Gavin Bryars