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February 24, 2014



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I Tatti Madrigals

The Harvard University Centre for Italian Renaissance Studies – the Villa I Tatti near Florence – has commissioned a number of madrigals from me over the last nine years. The moving spirit behind all these commissions has been the centre’s remarkable music librarian, Kathryn Bosi. The first was for the Italian group Vox Altera, who recorded this 8-part madrigal along with the whole of my Second Book (BCGBCD17). Since then I have written eight 6-part madrigals for the German group Singer Pur: four in 2009 and four in 2011. And now in order to have a complete book I have added three more madrigals to make a book of eleven madrigals The full list is:

(2005: 8-part, SSAATTBB) – In memory of Elizabeth and Gordon Morrill)

A qualunque animale (Petrarch)


(2009: 6-part, STTTBarB – In Memoriam Craig Hugh Smyth)

Cantai, or piango (Petrarch r.s. 229)

I’ piansi, or canto (Petrarch r.s. 230)

L’Aura vostr’alma (Bronzino)

Bronzino in ciel l’alma beata luce (Battiferri)


(2011; 6-part – for the 500th anniversary of the birth of the architect Ammannati, husband of the poet Laura Battiferri))

Qual per l’onde turbate (Battiferri)

Fra questa piagge (Battiferri)

Ergitti infin (Battiferri)

Temprato aer sereno (Battiferri)


2013; 6-part, STTTBarB – these continue the pairing of Bronzino and Battiferri, with the addition of a poem suggested to me by the scholar and musicologist Janie Cole, who I met through Kathryn Bosi at I Tatti))

Mentre sepolto (Bronzino)

Se fermo e nel destin (Battiferri)

Chi punto ha ‘l core (Michelangelo Buonarroti il Giovane)





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