The Sinking of the Titanic and Ensemble works


May 1, 2012


Vale of Glamorgan Festival, Barry Memorial Hall ("Memo"), Barry, Wales

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GB Ensemble at the Vale of Glamorgan Festival


For this ensemble concert which opens the Vale of Glamorgan Festival, I an writing a new work, Lauda 42, for the smaller version of my ensemble – singers Anna-Maria Friman and John Potter, plus electric guitar, viola, cello and double bass. This new piece will start the concert and in the first part there will be a collection of laude. In part two we perform my ensemble version oif The Sinking of the Titanic.


Lauda 42 “Salutiam divotamente” (2012) soprano, tenor, ensemble

Lauda 13 “Stomme allegro” (2003) soprano, tenor, ensemble

Lauda 19 “Omne homo” (2004) soprano, tenor, ensemble

Lauda 41 “De la crudel morte de Cristo” (2011) soprano, tenor, ensemble

It Never Rains (2010) – electric guitar, viola, cello, bass

Lauda 4 “Oi me lasso” (2002) soprano, tenor

Lauda 28 “Amor dolçe sença pare” (2004) soprano, tenor, ensemble

– interval –

The Sinking of the Titanic (1969-)

Anna Maria Friman, soprano; John Potter, tenor;

Morgan Goff, Kate Musker, violas; Nick Cooper, cello; Gavin Bryars, double bass; James Woodrow, electric guitar; Dave Smith, tenor horn/keyboard; Roger Heaton, bass clarinet; Martin Allen, percussion; Bob Burnell, sound.





Gavin Bryars