Conrad Cork

This audio journal gives a number of examples of the playing of the late Conrad Cork in projects with me during the time we were together at Scraptoft in the 1980s, and is connected to the Journal entry on this website.

They are:

(with the Leicester Bley Band at the Camden Jazz Festival, April 1987)

  1. Carla Bley: Wervin’ Eric Dolphy-style alto sax solo
  2. Carla Bley: The Lord is listenin’ to yer, Hallelujah! Gospel alto sax solo, reminiscent of Arthur Blythe

(with Adelaide Hall at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre, January 1988

  1. Tenderly – alto sax solo
  2. I can’t give you anything but love – obligato soprano sax solo as audience sing along with Adelaide

(Invention of Tradition, Albert Dock, Liverpool, May 1988)

The fourth and central section (D) – improvised alto sax, from about 5’30” into the track

Gavin Bryars