Forthcoming Recordings
February 25, 2010

Forthcoming Recordings

1. UK Release April 5 2010 (Digital release April 4)

(i) BCGBD06 – I Send You This Cadmium Red

Radiophonic conversation between John Berger and John Christie, with music by Gavin Bryars; plus Gavin Bryars: The Island Chapel

(ii) BCGBCD12 – I have heard it said that a Spirit enters

Recording with the CBC Radio Orchestra, released on CBC Records in 2002, now deleted, here remastered and redesigned. Has jazz songs with Holly Cole; Violin Concerto (Gwen Hoebig); By the Vaar (written for Charlie Haden, here with Gavin Bryars as soloist)

(iii) BCGBCD15 – Live at Punkt

Live recording of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble (the first such recording) from the 2008 Punkt Festival in Norway. Ensemble has singers Anna Maria Friman and John Potter, with Morgan Goff, viola; Nick Cooper, cello; James Woodrow, electric guitar; Gavin Bryars, double bass and piano; plus guest performer trumpeter Arve Henriksen.


2.UK  Release June 14 2010 (Digital release June 13)

BCGBCD16 – recording of the Second Book of Madrigals and the first from Book Four, all being settings of Petrach in Italian. They were recorded in Lugano by the stunning Italian early music group Vox Altera, directed by Massimiliano Pascucci.


3. UK Release September 13 2010 (Digital release September 13)

BCGBCD17 – recording with Les Percussion Claviers de Lyon of three works for tuned percussion quintet:

One Last Bar Then Joe Can Sing (1994 – written for Nexus)

New York (2004 – concerto for tuned percussion ensemble and orchestra)

At Portage and Main (2009)


4 UK Release October 25 2010 (Digital release October 24

BCGBCD18  Mercy and Grand

A live recording of Opera North’s Project on the songs of Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan. This project involved treating Tom as a composer and putting him alongside other material – Kurt Weill, Nino Rota’, as well as some folk music – but not as a “tribute” band or as a replica of his own band or singing. The singer Jess Walker, for example, is female and English…..

The seven-piece band (including Jess) is:

Joe Townsend, violin (doubling Transylvanian”trumpet-violin”);

Gavin Bryars, bass (plus harmonium);

Jim Holmes (who conducted Doctor Ox’s Experiment), piano, harmonium, as well as quite remarkable blues harmonica;

Karen Street, accordion (originally Martin Green)

Simon Allen, percussion (including musical saw);

Dai Pritchard, flute, clarinets, saxophones

James Woodrow (member of my ensemble), electric guitar.

Arrangements are by Gavin Bryars (most of the Waits songs), Jim Holmes (Weill) Joe Townsend (folk material), and the band collectively.





Gavin Bryars