Fuse Arts Camp
April 25, 2018

In April 2018, Gavin will lead a five-day masterclass in composition at CAMP, a residential arts facility in the high French Pyrenees.

This course will take Gavin’s work as a starting point to examine compositional forms and strategies, working closely with the group’s existing practice and methods, with the aim of each student developing a finished work for performance at the end of the session. Students from all musical backgrounds are welcome, whether classically trained, improvisors, sound artists, installation artists, conceptual artists or favouring any other approach. The session will include:

> Individual tuition sessions, examining and developing each student’s existing work and practice
> Group sessions examining different types of musical material, including vocal music (both solo and ensemble), string music, opera, music for dance, composing in relation to music from the past, and arranging the music of others
> Evening events showing Gavin’s work in opera and film
> Development of each student’s work for final performance by the group at the end of the course

The sessions will be accompanied by optional outdoors activities led by CAMP crew, including guided mountaineering, visits to local beauty points, and downtime to hang out, relax, enjoy the local food and wine, and learn informally from Gavin, the CAMP crew, and your fellow students. Following the course, further support of the work developed will come in the form of performance and releasing opportunities via Fuse Art Space and our range of in-house record labels.

For more information, see www.campfr.com/gavinbryars

Gavin Bryars