Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet
March 6, 2020

Dido & Orfeo/Jesus’ Blood

Pieter Stas, cellist with the Goeyvaerts String Trio, who had performed with me in Dundalk 2018, organised a performance of Jesus’ Blood as part of a week-long festival of new music at the Cultural Centre Ter Dilft in Bornem, Belgium. The 30 minute performance was preceded by an interesting dance work, with new choreography, to music from  Dido and Orfeo, which I had written for Edouard Lock’s company La La La Human Steps ten years ago. The  four musicians who played this work, very beautifully, also took part in Jesus’ Blood.

They are teachers at the Academy, and the performance involved other teachers as well as students of all levels. There was a very wide range, from young children (beginners) and older people returning  to study, to good student musicians. Pieter had worked with them for some time, and they all showed extraordinary commitment, concentration and focus to produce a collective experience that was very touching and deeply moving. It had something of the spirit of the Dundalk performance, where a number of young Irish schoolgirls, who had only just started having music lessons, joined the ensemble. But here, perhaps because of the wide range of age and ability it was even more moving.

Gavin Bryars