The Life and Work of Derek Bailey on “Celebrity Mastermind”
January 4, 2010

Karen Brookman, Derek Bailey’s widow, had alerted me that on television (BBC One) the show “Celebrity Mastermind” would have Stewart Lee – the comedian, and co-author of Jerry Springer, The Opera – answering, for his specialist subject, questions on The Life and Work of Derek Bailey. I knew of his interest in Derek’s work as Stewart and I had been the two people who spoke at Derek’s funeral in January 2006. His knowledge was impressive and he only made one error. It was flattering to hear my name read by the question master John Humphries – on prime time television – as part of one question: “what was the group that Bailey played in with Bryars and Oxley up to 1966 which as its name that of an obscure early twentieth century British composer?” Answer “Joseph Holbrooke.”

Gavin Bryars