November 7, 2019

Morgan Goff, viola; Gavin Bryars, piano (electric keyboard)

Morgan Goff and Gavin Bryars gave a concert at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham in November 2019 within the context of an exhibition by the late Barry Flanagan – like Gavin, a Transcendant Satrap in the College of Pataphysics – and the concert reflects this connection. It was curated by Keiko Yamamoto, as part of a series of concerts connecting Ikon, Centrala, and the artistic community of CafĂ© OTO. It was supported by the Estate of Barry Flanagan. Among the pieces there are the first seven one-minute pieces from Le Calendrier Pataphysique, referring to the first seven days in the pataphysical year. They were written the day before the concert and were finished in the early hours of the day itself. Eventually the plan is to have a series of short solo piano pieces, one for each day of the pataphysical year.

The performance was streamed live, so this is an unedited film, showing Gavin grappling with an unfamiliar electric keyboard and, on one occasion, during a new version of The North Shore, discovering that there was an entire page missing from his music…

Gavin’s Notes:

Gavin Bryars