June 22, 2017

Gavin’s Notes:

Winestead (2017)

Performers: John Potter tenor, Morgan Goff viola, James Woodrow electric guitar, Nick Cooper cello and Gavin Bryars organ.

I was born and raised in East Yorkshire and the invitation to work with Opera North on a piece for Hull City of Culture gave me the opportunity to revisit one of my favourite places, and one of the most mysterious – Holderness, the area between Hull and the sea. Although there are many wonders in Holderness, I decided to focus on a particular gem, the small Church of St Germain in Winestead, where the poet Andrew Marvell’s father was rector, and where, when he was 19, Marvell witnessed his father’s death by drowning in the Humber.

This film, produced by Opera North Projects directed by my friend Dominic Gray, shows the first performance in the church itself one lovely summer evening in June 2017. The production was supervised by the extraordinary Mic Pool, with whom I worked on several other projects in Yorkshire

Gavin Bryars