Release Date:

June 4, 2015

1:3 (ARRCD04)

A recording of the three pieces for solo cello called Tre Laude Dolçe that Gavin wrote for Audrey, as well as duo versions of the same pieces with Audrey and electric guitarist James Woodrow.

The album is available on CD and Vinyl, as well as mp3 download.

Available from:

Rough Trade East, London

Rough Trade, Nottingham

Harold Moores, Great Marlborough Street, London

Schott Music, Great Marlborough Street, Lon don

And online from:

Rough Trade online:

Stamford Audio, Little Bytham, Lincs:

CD Baby

Gavin’s Notes:

The three solo cello pieces were written as a gift for Audrey, with whom I have worked for many years, especially performing Merce Cunningham’s Biped. James has been a member of my ensemble for over 22 years and we have performed Lauda Dolçe I with my ensemble, where we accompany the solo cello with improvised drones and chords on double bass and electric guitar.

However, Audrey and James, as a duo, have developed a much more refined way of doing this and here these versions are played following a full performance of the original three pieces. This recording is very beautiful and Audrey and James have worked on this in great detail over many months.


Audrey Riley, cello
James Woodrow, electric guitar


Lauda Dolçe I - solo cello
Lauda Dolçe II - solo cello
Lauda Dolçe III - solo cello
Lauda Dolçe I - cello and electric guitar
Lauda Dolçe II - cello and electric guitar
Lauda Dolçe III - cello and electric guitar

Playable Tracks

Gavin Bryars