A Change of Light

Release Date:

August 14, 2010

A Change of Light is a collaboration between musicians, composers and a visual artist to present new music and art in a new form of recital. It includes Lauda (con sordino) commissioned by cellist Audrey Riley from Gavin Bryars.

Gavin’s Notes:

A Change of Light

Cellist Audrey Riley and guitarist James Woodrow are close colleagues of Gavin Bryars. James has been a member of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble since 1993, and he and Audrey are key performers in live performances of Merce Cunningham’s Biped, for which Gavin wrote the music.


Audrey Riley, cello
Andrew Zolinsky, piano
James Woodrow, guitar
Nick Allum and Rory Allum, drums


Gavin Bryars: Lauda (con sordino)
Steve Hillier: Dryker Storr
David Lang: Wed for solo piano (live)
David Lang: How to pray

Gavin Bryars