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October 29, 2007

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GB Records BCGBCD08

Music written and recorded for an installation at Chateau d’Oiron in western France.

This is a listening room, an installation that takes the form of an acoustic map of the chateau. For this, specific music was written in order to establish the architectural acoustic of each space and to animate the spaces in which the music was played. This was recorded ambisonically and a listening room was established in the chateau where the listener can hear the natural acoustic of each source room. This room is, therefore, both a map of the space and a space in itself. Along with Gavin Bryars himself, there are two members of his own ensemble, and his own sound designer and engineer. In addition he uses the village band (La Fanfare d’Oiron) accepting the eccentricities of their performance, and adding three players to the ensemble for two rooms.

This recording is a unique recording of that installation, which has played in the chateau since 1993, and has also been exhibited at the 2006 Alvar Aalto Architecture Symposium and in the Musée d’Angers, France – an exhibition devoted to major British sculpture in the French National Collection, and this work is included in that category!

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Gavin’s Notes:


Gavin Bryars
Dave Smith
Roger Heaton
Chris Ekers
members of the Oiron village band


(Outside Courtyard) Espace de la cour
(Vestibule stairway next to 001) Cage du grand escalier (Sextet)
(Room 107) Salon des Emigrés (Sextet)
(Room 114) Galarie de peinture (Quartet)
(Room 116) Tour des Ondes (Duo)
(Room 021) Cuisine (Trio)
(Room 001) Vestibule
(Room 101) Salle d'Armes (Trio)
(Room 002/3) Salle des Faïences / Salon Gris (Duo)

Gavin Bryars