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July 1, 2010

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BCGBCD16 Gavin Bryars: Madrigals volume 1

UK Release 5 July 2010

European Release September 2010

North America Release – to follow

Gavin’s Notes:

Al suon dell’acque scriva

In 1998 Gavin Bryars wrote a set of madrigals for the Hilliard Ensemble, working within the spirit and aesthetic of those from the Italian Renaissance. By coincidence the first four settings were written on Mondays and he took the decision to write the remaining nine on Mondays too. This strategy clearly committed him to writing at least seven books of madrigals… The Second Book (Tuesdays) is for a 6-part group and sets Petrarch sonnets in the original 14th century Italian. There are 14 madrigals for this book and an extra madrigal (“Marconi’s Madrigal”),  written for the centenary of the first transmission of a radio signal – a single letter – across the Atlantic Ocean. Petrarch continues to be a source of inspiration for Bryars’ vocal music and the album includes the first madrigal from the Fourth Book (Thursday), which consists of 8-part settings of longer poems, commissioned by Villa I Tatti for Vox Altera, who perform all the works here. The Fifth and Sixth Books are under way….

The title for this recording – Al suon dell’acque scriva (“Let him write to the sound of the waters”) – comes at the end the seventh madrigal in Book Two.




Vox Àltera Ensemble. Director: Massimiliano Pascucci


1. Benedetto sia ‘l giorno e ‘l mese et l’anno
2. Io son già stanco di pensar sì come
3. Quando dal proprio sito si rimove/Ma poi che ‘l dolce riso
4. Poi che voi et io più volte abbiam provato
5. Non veggio ove scampar mi possa omai
6. Ponmi ove ‘l sole occide i fiori et l’erba
7. Non Tesin, Po, Varo, Arno, Adige et Tebro
8. I’ vidi in terra angelici costumi
9. O passi sparsi, o pensier vaghi et pronti
10. Una candida cerva sopra l’erba
11. Che fai? Che pensi? / Datemi pace
12. Amor, che meco al buon tempo ti stavi
13. Fu forse un tempo dolce
14. Morte à spento quel sol ch' abagliar suolmi
15. Marconi’s Madrigal: Se ‘l sasso ond’ è più chiusa questa valle
16. Fourth Book of Madrigals No. 1: A qualunque animale

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