Release Date:

December 15, 2008

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Gavin’s Notes:


Jennifer Thiessen, viola
Jill Van Gee, viola
Elisabeth Giroux, cello
Njo Kong Kie, piano


1. Lang: Amjad New 6-1 Swan
2. Bryars Amjad No. 8 (Swan Lake No. 13, Danse des Cygnes)
3. Bryars Amjad No. 10 (Swan Lake No. 17, Sortie des Invités et Valse)
4. Bryars Amjad No. 1 (Swan Lake No. 2, Tempo di Valse)
5. Bryars Amjad No. 2 (Swan Lake No. 4, Pas de Trois)
6. Bryars Amjad No. 14 (Sleeping Beauty No. 17, Panorama)
7. Bryars Amjad No. 6 (Swan Lake No. 11, Scène)
8. Bryars Amjad No. 3 (Swan Lake No. 5, Pas de Deux)
9. Bryars Amjad No. 9 (Swan Lake No. 13, Danse des Cygnes)
10. Bryars Amjad No. 11 (Swan Lake No. 29, Scène Finale. Andante)
11. Bryars Amjad No. 16 (Sleeping Beauty No. 28, Pas de Deux)
12. Lang: Amjad I await
13. Bryars Amjad No. 7 (Swan Lake No. 13b, Danse des Cygnes)
14. Bryars Amjad No. 15 (Sleeping Beauty No. 18, Entr'acte)
15. Bryars Amjad No. 12 (Sleeping Beauty No. 8, "Rose Adagio")
16. Lang: Amjad Sleeping Panorama
17. Lang: Amjad Swan without bass drum

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Gavin Bryars