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A live concert by an expanded version of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble, containing the only publicly available material from Gavin’s second opera Doctor Ox’s Experiment as well as the premiere of The North Shore in the version for solo viola and string orchestra. The performance came at a critical moment in Gavin’s career when he had decided to leave his university teaching post and work as a freelance independent composer. It was also the moment when Schott Music became his publisher.

Gavin’s Notes:

This recording is of part of a concert I gave within the 1994 Meltdown Festival, curated that year by Louis Andriessen. For this I was able to expand my ensemble considerably, having in effect a string orchestra instead of solo strings for some pieces. It also occurred at a critical time when I had chosen to give up university teaching after 25 years and go back into the “dangerous” life of a freelance composer as well as, having handled my own publishing for many years, commit myself to a proper music publisher, Schott. My ensemble also began to evolve, a development that can be seen in the various recordings for GB Records: Biped; Oi Me Lasso; I Send You This Cadmium Red; Live at Punkt; The Sinking of the Titanic 2012 Tour; Nothing Like The Sun; The Stopping Train; Live at CafĂ© Oto. The Gavin Bryars Ensemble, in its various manifestations, remains at the heart of my live music making and its members are my closest musical (and personal) friends.


Bill Hawkes, solo viola
Sarah Leonard, soprano
Roger Heaton, conductor
Gavin Bryars Ensemble


Les Fiançailles
The North Shore
Sub Rosa
Doctor Ox's Experiment, Epilogue

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Gavin Bryars