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April 5, 2010

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Gavin’s Notes:


Gavin Bryars lives part of the year on the west coast of Canada and has strong links with many areas of Canadian music and culture. He has worked extensively with the Montreal-based dance company La La La Human Steps (BCGBCD10 Amjad) and is developing further work with them. He is also working on a chamber opera with the Victoria ensemble/producers Aventa. He has worked on many projects with CBC Radio and this recording features his work with the CBC Radio Orchestra, the last radio orchestra in North America, which has since been disbanded. The whole of this programme was given as the last night of the 2002 Vancouver International Jazz Festival featuring, as it does, his songs for the Canadian jazz singer Holly Cole, and with Bryars himself playing the piece for bass and orchestra, By the Vaar, that he wrote for Charlie Haden. The other two pieces are works for string orchestra, written during his summer months in Canada.


The album was originally released on CBC Records in 2002 but was deleted during the financial cuts at CBC. It has been substantially re-mastered and redesigned for GB Records.




CBC Radio Orchestra
Owen Underhill, conductor
Holly Cole, voice
Gwen Hoebig, violin
Gavin Bryars, double bass


1. I have heard it said that a spirit enters
2. Planet Earth
3. The Apple
4. Violin Concerto ("The Bulls of Bashan")
5. The Porazzi Fragment
6. By the Vaar

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