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April 5, 2010

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Gavin’s Notes:


A major thrust of Gavin Bryars’ work as a performer is with his own ensemble, a pool of players who are those musicians that Gavin Bryars has chosen to work with and who are the best interpreters of his work. This recording is the first time that Gavin Bryars has issued a live recording of his ensemble, here a smaller group, which includes his singers Anna Maria Friman and John Potter (see also their studio recording on BCGBCD05 Oi me lasso). It was made at the 2008 Punkt Festival in Kristiansand, Norway, and has the highly acclaimed improvising trumpeter Arve Henriksen as guest with the ensemble for two pieces, one of which was written specially for him and premiered on this occasion.




Anna Maria Friman, soprano
John Potter, tenor
Morgan Goff, viola
Nick Cooper, cello
James Woodrow, electric guitar
Gavin Bryars, double bass (piano track 8)
Arve Henriksen, trumpet (track 9 and soloist track 7)


1. Lauda 29 “O divina virgo, flore”
2. Lauda 13 “Stomme allegro”
3. Lauda 19 "Omne homo"
4. No.1 from Tre Laude Dolçe - instrumental
5. Lauda 4 "Oi me lasso"
6. Lauda 35 "L'alto prençe archangelo"
7. Lauda 37 "Ciascun ke fede sente"
8. Lauda (con sordino) instrumental
9. Lauda 36 "Gloria in cielo"
10. Lauda 28 “Amor dolçe sença pare”

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