Release Date:

January 1, 1991

GASA (Spain) XE 9G0455 LP, CD, Cassette (boxed set of all 3 formats)

Gavin’s Notes:


Gavin Bryars Ensemble


A1. Orinoco Flow / Enya
A2. Floating / Julee Cruise
A3. Blank Sheets / Bel Canto
A4. Kokoku / Laurie Anderson
A5. Twin Peaks Theme / Angelo Badalamenti
A6. Es La Soledad Del Hombre / Suso Saiz
A7. Honeymoon Nights / Mark Isham
A8. La Douleur / The Durutti Column
A9. Electric Counterpoint Slow / Steve Reich & Pat Metheny
B1. Pearls & Tears / Andreas Vollenweider
B2. Claire - Lost In Madrid Part V / Miles Davis
B3. Between Tides / Roger Eno
B4. Waiting For Fall / Peter Seiler
B5. Baile En Los Jardines Del Palacio / Lito Vitale
B6. Close Cover / Wim Mertens
B7. The Titanic Lament / Gavin Bryars
B8. Perpetuum Mobile / Penguin Café Orchestra

Gavin Bryars