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November 21, 2005

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GB Records BCGBCD07

Editor’s Choice for Gramophone 2005)

Dedicated to the memory of Susan Sontag

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Gavin’s Notes:


Latvian Radio Choir
Sigvards Klava (tracks 1,2,3,4,5,9,10)
Kaspars Putnins (tracks 6,7,8)


1. Gavin Bryars: And so ended Kant’s travelling in this world 7:50
(2-4) Gavin Bryars: Three poems of Cecco Angiolieri
2. La mia malinconia… 3:45
3. S’i’ fosse foco…. 4:40
4. La stremita… 5:28
5. Arturs Maskats: "Da ispravitsja molitva moja” 9:06
(6-8) Gavin Bryars: On Photography
6. Expressa Solis 2:35
7. Expressa Solis/ Tersa Perfetta 17:10
8. Resonare fibris.. 3:29
(9-10) Valentin Silvestrov: Diptychon
9. The Lord’s Prayer 5:36
10. Testament 10:14
Total Running Time 70:39

Playable Tracks

Gavin Bryars