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July 1, 1994

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Clarinet Classics CC0009

(also works by Reich, Feldman, Fox, Perrin, Morricone, Zimmerman)

Gavin’s Notes:

Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets (1993)

In June 1993 when I was working with members of my ensemble on a project in France at the Chateau d’Oiron I promised Roger Heaton a piece as a present for all his work for me over the years. The piece is dedicated to him. Roger has been a member of my ensemble since 1986, though I have known him and his playing for much longer, and he has recorded a number of my pieces.  At first I thought of a fairly short unaccompanied solo work, but eventually the piece developed into a longer and larger ensemble piece for 4 B flat clarinets, 2 alto clarinets, 2 bass clarinets and 1 contra-bass clarinet, with optional discrete percussion in places utilising all the facilities of studio multi-tracking. The piece begins with an extended series of unison lines, gradually evolving into a sequence of accompanied solos for either clarinet or bass clarinet with the full ensemble reached some way into the piece. Although the music is generally rich and slow, in live performance there is an optional fast, high, quiet Prelude for unaccompanied clarinet which leads into the opening unisons of the ensemble section. At all times I had in mind Roger’s warm, refined sound as well as his abilities in areas of new music, such as the use of multiphonics which appear from time to time. For live performance with my ensemble I have added material for electric guitar and two percussion.



1. New York Counterpoint
2. New York Counterpoint
3. New York Counterpoint
4. Like He Never Was - Roger Heaton/Glyn Perrin
5. 25 Karwa Melodien
6. Rational Melody No.1
7. Bass, Clarinet & Percussion - Roger Heaton/Simon Limbrick
8. Rational Melody No.21
9. Stone: Wind: Rain: Sun
10. Three Elegies For Nine Clarinets
11. Three Elegies For Nine Clarinets
12. Three Elegies For Nine Clarinets
13. Cinema Paradiso (Music From The Film) - Roger Heaton/Dave Smith/Chris Heaton

Gavin Bryars