Release Date:

December 1, 2008


December 2008

This album is the soundtrack of Season of Mists, an Anglo-Russian film production for which Gavin Bryars wrote the music. The film is by Russian director Anna Tchernakova and was filmed in London, Moscow and rural Leicestershire. Music is at the heart of Season of Mists. It is a chance encounter with a Russian string quartet on tour that sets everything in motion, and it is their performance of the slow movement of Taneyev’s String Trio in D that is the focus of the music for the whole film. The music is a rare example of Gavin Bryars’ film music and his music evolves from the Taneyev trio in a series of meditations and variations. The music strikes a balance between providing a direct and recognizable reference to the original Russian musical source and to his own compositional idiom – in a similar way to his music for the ballet Amjad (BCGBCD10) where he reworks music by Tchaikovsky. Performers closely associated with Gavin Bryars’ work perform the music and the soundtrack also includes music by the Russian singer/songwriter Peter Nalitch.

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Gavin’s Notes:


Peter Sheppard Skaerved, violin
Morgan Goff, viola
Nick Cooper, cello
Frank Campbell, piano
Peter Nalitch's Musical Collective (Russia)


1 Taneyev String Trio 1:04
2 Viaduct 2:34
3 Back from London 2:41
4 Peter Nalitch: 'Overburden 2:03
5 Night Station/Remembering Okudjava 2:31
6 Marina/Marina and Sasha 3:23
7 Taneyev String Trio II 1:49
8 Musicians depart 1:36
9 Peter Nalitch: Disappointment 2:29
10 Aliens 2:22
11 Moscow (Lullaby) 2:51
12 Meeting / Night 3:22
13 Restaurant: 'Sam, play something old' 3:11
14 A year later 2:47
15 Sasha 1:27
16 Farewell 2:08
17 Credits 4:07

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