ECM 1869

Release Date:

February 24, 2003

Trio Mediaeval made a powerful impact in 2001 with their debut album Words of the Angel, their highly distinctive “Scandinavian” vocal sound bringing something fresh to the performance of sacred music. Soir, dit-elle, with equal persuasiveness, reverses the ratio of old to new music… The uniqueness of their vocal blend has encouraged composers Gavin Bryars, Ivan Moody, Andrew Smith and Oleh Harkavyy to write new music for the three women singers. Contemporary works are here interwoven with the Alma redemtoris mass of Leonel Power, the great English composer and theorist who ranks alongside Dunstable as one of the defining forces of 15th century sacred music.

Gavin’s Notes:

Gavin’s note

Three of the laude by Gavin Bryars are based on the original 13th century laude recorded on the Trio Mediaeval’s first CD Words of the Angel, and are sung by the same solo voices as on that CD. The fourth is a three part lauda written specially for the trio.


Anna Maria Friman
Linn Andrea Fuglseth
Torunn Ă˜strem Ossum


Kyrie (2002) Oleh Harkavyy
Gloria (Missa "Alma redemptoris mater") Leonel Power
Laude novella (Lauda II) (2002) Gavin Bryars (solo Torunn)
Ave regina gloriosa (Lauda VII) (2003) Gavin Bryars
Credo (Missa "Alma redemptoris mater") Leonel Power
Ave Maria (2000) Andrew Smith
Regina caeli (2002) Andrew Smith
Ave donna santissima (Lauda III) (2002) Gavin Bryars (solo Linn)
Sanctus (Missa "Alma redemptoris mater") Leonel Power
The Troparion of Kassiani (1999) Ivan Moody
Venite a laudare (Lauda I) (2002) Gavin Bryars (solo Anna Maria)
A Lion's Sleep (2002) Ivan Moody
Agnus Dei (Missa "Alma redemptoris mater") Leonel Power
Alma redemptoris mater - Gregorian chant

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Gavin Bryars