Trio for bass-clarinet, viola and cello


May 20, 2020

Gavin’s Notes:

Altissima Luce

At the beginning of the lockdown, Julian Leeks, from an organisation called Sound World approached a number of composers for them to write short pieces, at no charge, to support struggling performers, who would be paid to record the works. Among the composers were:
John Pickard
Sally Beamish
Michael Ellison
Nico Muhly
Evelyn Glennie
Geoff Poole
Howard Skempton
Gavin Bryars
Sadie Harrison
Mark-Anthony Turnage
I wrote a four minute trio for bass-clarinet, viola and cello – the kind of low sounding instruments that I tend to favour – as a kind of reflection on one my earliest laude, Lauda 5, originally for three unison sopranos.

Gavin Bryars