Duration c. 40’
Instrumentation: bass clarinet, electric guitar, viola, double bass
Music for Radio programme with John Berger and John Christie
First performance: Between the Ears series, Radio 3, January 19th 2002


May 1, 2001

Gavin’s Notes:

“I send you this Cadmium Red”

This is a radio piece, produced by the independent company Somethin’ Else for BBC Radio 3. It uses the book reproducing the correspondence between John Berger and John Christie which began when John Christie sent John Berger a single colour (Cadmium Red) and the correspondence developed from there in an increasingly elaborate way. The radio piece does this as an extended conversation to which I have written accompaniments, almost like a third voice, focusing on themes within their conversation. John Berger and I had met several times through my work with Juan Muñoz and I met John Christie for the first time when he attended the recording session in London.

The music is scored for bass clarinet/ clarinet (Roger Heaton), electric guitar (James Woodrow), viola (Bill Hawkes) and bass (myself) and the programme was broadcast in January 2002.


Gavin Bryars