For four voices (SATB) and four instruments (electric guitar, viola, cello, bass)




May 26, 2011

Gavin’s Notes:

Lauda 40

Lauda 40 was written for my daughter Orlanda’s vocal group Sonant Ensemble and my own ensemble. The premiere was at Will Alsop’s space Testbed 1.  



Lauda 40 “Madonna Santa Maria”


Madonna santa Maria,

mercè de noi peccatori;

faite prego al dolce Cristo

ke ne degia perdonata.


Madonna Santa Maria

che n’ài mostrata la via,

ore scacia ogne resia,

receve ki vol tornare.


Misericordia, patre Dio,

de tutto’l peccato meo:

e’ so’ quell malvasio reo

ke sempre volsi mal fare.


O tampinella e folle gente,

tornate a Dio onnipotente,

ke ne fece de niente

ed a lui dovem tornare.


Iesu Cristo, manda pace;

scàmpane da la fornace

la qual gemai altro non face

che i peccatori atormentare.























Mary, holy Madonna,

have pity on us sinners;

make your prayer to sweet Christ

that he deigns to pardon us.


Mary, holy Madonna,

you who have shown us the way,

now drive out all earthly kingdoms,

and receive him who would return to you.


Have mercy, Father God,

on all my sin:

I am that wicked evildoer

who always wants to do wrong.


O mindlessly mimicking, foolish people,

turn to almighty God

who created you from nothing:

it is right for us to return to him.


Jesus Christ, send us peace;

save us from the furnace

which only exists

to torment sinners

Gavin Bryars