for unaccompanied solo soprano


January 20, 2020

Gavin’s Notes:

Laude 49-53

These pieces for unaccompanied solo soprano were intended to be the final ones based on the 12th century Laude Cortonese. In the event I added one more (Lauda 54, though that one sets a text that I had set previously as Lauda 30).

Each one was written within an hour on days between January 13 and January 20 – Lauda 51 was written on my birthday…

Along with Lauda 48, they were written for the Canadian early music soprano Rebecca Genge, daughter of my friend Tony Genge, jazz pianist and Hammond organ player. Tony was the pianist in the on-stage jazz trio in the `Canadian premiere of my fourth opera Marilyn Forever (along with tenor sax Phil Dwyer and myself on double bass).

Gavin Bryars