Dog’s Paradise (2013)
April 16, 2020


2013, 116 minutes, colour,

Russia, 12+

Directed by Anna Tchernakova

Music by Gavin Bryars

Produced by RWS

© Studia 1A

Cast: Anya Korneva, Sasha Kudriavtzev, Marina Ignatova, Igor Gordin, Natalya Tkachenko, Nina Semenova, Anastasya Fursa, Natalya Akimova, Konstantin Vorobiev, and others


Moscow, summer of 1953. Tanya, an 11-year old girl, meets a boy, Mitya. Mitya and his family have just returned from exile in the Russian Far East. Mitya had to leave behind his best friend, a dog called Hector. He is eager for Hector to join him in Moscow, but the adults declare it impossible – a large city is no place for a dog. 

In an attempt to prove the adults wrong, children decide to create the perfect home for Hector – a dog’s paradise in an empty sealed room they find in the building…

Gavin’s Notes:

Gavin Bryars