Nick Leeson


Occasional Writings
March 1, 1995

(preceded by letter to Sally Groves, Schott Music)

Dear Sally,

As the very clever German Leeson/Kerry impersonator walks through Frankfurt Airport not uttering a word, (interestingly enough I have not heard so-called Peter Kerry say anything either) it is unlikely that the press would accept the true story so here is the letter I sent to The Independent a couple of days ago. What originally alerted me to the at-first improbable truth was the constant reference to Leeson’s origins in a “council house” in “Watford”. One of these would have been plausible cover. The two together were so excessive that they gave the game away.

Perhaps you could put this into the strongroom to be released when the world is ready. In case the German agent planted in your office gets to this first I am sending a duplicate to the out-of-the-way country police in Wiltshire.


Dear Sir,

The reference in Stephen Fry’s note (“I’ve been a silly old fool”) to Reggie Perrin and Lord Lucan ought to have alerted the authorities in their search for Nick Leeson as to his current whereabouts i.e. stop looking abroad, look at home. Has no-one noted the uncanny resemblance in the photographs of Nick Leeson and 14-year old Peter Kerry? Young Kerry was able to travel quite freely on his father’s passport, yet your photograph of the family reunion showing father and son side by side demonstrates what negligible likeness there is between them. Perhaps the conjectured travels of Leeson and Kerry might be matched on the powerful police computers: having so many references to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand in parallel escape stories cannot be a coincidence.

The technique used by Leeson/Kerry is one which was taught to me as a child for getting into Saturday film matinees for nothing, viz. go in backwards and say that you are just leaving. That Leeson/Kerry is now secure in England is shown by the final word given by Pat, the “mother”, to the press “I would like your photographs to go to every port in the country and people to recognise him so that he can’t do this again.”

Yours sincerely,

Professor Gavin Bryars

Gavin Bryars