Memorial Service St Martin-in-the-Fields


November 9, 2023


11am, St Martin-in-the-Fields,Trafalgar Sq, London WC2N 4JJ

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In 2018 the Gavin Bryars Ensemble played Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet for the annual service of memorial/vigil at St Martin in the Fields for those who died homeless in the previous year, along with the Choir with No Name and Streetwise Opera. It was an extraordinarily moving experience and we are committed to performing it each year on the first Thursday in November (though we were prevented at the very last moment by the imposition of Covid restrictions in 2020) through the invitation by Reverend Richard Carter. I have put this date in my calendar up to 2042 – when I will be 99 years old….

At the time of the cancellation in 2020, Richard wrote: I have realised once again in planning this service how much it means to so many people and how much for people who have known or are homeless themselves they have taken it to heart and made it part of their annual  calendar. 

Gavin Bryars