Anyone can see I love you


June 12, 2010


Banff, Alberta, Canada

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Performance Note

The first stage in the production of a new chamber opera, with libretto by Marilyn Bowering, and produced by Aventa, from Victoria BC, held at Banff from May 31 to June 12. This culminates in a performance of two staged scenes from the new work, plus The Sinking of the Titanic performed by Aventa plus Gavin on the last day, June 12th. The singers are Eivør Palsdottir, singing the part of Marilyn Monroe, and British baritone Richard Morris.

Eivør is the very beautiful Faroese singer that Gavin worked with (along with Runi Brattaberg) for Tróndur I Gøtu (Thrand of Gotu) in the Faroes in July 2008.


Gavin Bryars