Around “In Là”


January 14, 2023


Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art, Prato, Italy

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As part of the large exhibition dedicated to the Tuscan artist Massimo Bartolini, curated by Luca Cerizza with Elena Magini, I collaborated with him on a musical installation called In Là. Massimo’s installation consists of scaffolding, transformed into organ bars, running through 7 rooms of the museum. There will be a special event towards the end of the exhibition with two concerts, in which three electric pianos are added to the sounds of the installation. The installation music itself lasts for 20 minutes, followed by a ten-minute rest for the mechanism to cool down, and other music is played between the two runs of the installation.

Concert One
In Là  (rooms 1-7) 20’

Gnossienne no. 4, after Satie (c.8’)

In Là (rooms 7-1) 20’

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet (c.17’)

Concert Two 

In Là  (rooms 1-7) 20

My First Homage c.12’)

In Là (rooms 7-1) 20’

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet (c.17’)

Performers: Alexandra Tchernakova, Yuri Bryars, Gavin Bryars, electric pianos


Gavin Bryars