Easy Listening 2023


April 15, 2023


Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré Jardin François 1er, Tours, France

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Easy Listening 2023 – programme

April 15

Gavin Bryars, in conversation with Anne-Laure Chamboissier, and Jean-Louis Tallon, author of the book on Gavin Bryars, published in 2020 (Le mot et le reste)

Performance of Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet” by l’ensemble PTYX

Pauline Dhuisme, violin; Pierre Malle, violin;
Anthony Chéneau, viola; Camille Gueirard, cello; Pauline Vanagt, flute; Marie Perrin, flute; Antoine Moulin, clarinet; Christophe Rostang, trumpet; Erick Pigeard, percussion; Philippe Carrillo, harp; Alice Diéval, Korg keyboard; directed by Jean-Baptiste Apéré

with James Woodrow, electric guitar; Yuri Bryars. electric piano; Gavin Bryars, bass

Gavin Bryars